Interview with Team Zenith

Team Zenith will be flying off today to attend DreamHack Winter 2007 WGT DotA tournament in Sweden and ASUS Autumn Open 2007 in Russia. The two competitions are the largest LAN competitions in Europe held towards the end of year. GameSync’s Li "Alucard" Weijun is proud to bring you the latest interview with Zenith member Anthony "Ant" Moh on their trip.

GameSync: When will you guys be flying off? And when will you return to Singapore?
Ant: Asus is on the 24th to 25th [November] while Dream Hack is on 29th [November] to 2nd of December, but because of the flight arrangement we will depart on the night of 21st [November] and arrive early morning on the 25th.

GS: Have the accommodations been settled?
Ant: For Sweden but not for Russia. All the info from Asus is found from IRC.

GS: Will any teams be bringing you guys around in Sweden?
Ant: None we know of. It’s kind of independent and low key.

GS: Mind telling us who are the sponsors of your trip?
Ant: HP & AMD

GS: Who will be in the team lineup this time round?
Ant: zx, dk)mage, hyhy, tofu, ant

GS: How was the team lineup decided?

Ant: Lack of choice, that’s about it.

GS: So how have you guys been training for the 2 competitions?
Ant: They have been training quite a bit. I just finished exams so I didn’t train much and for the remainder of my time I had to make arrangements for the trip.

GS: I guess you guys will be completing all your MYM matches over there?
Ant: We are trying to see what matches we can complete there since we’ve been too busy the past few days.

GS: How is the confidence within the team?
Ant: We’re more in it for the experience. We hope to win but we don’t really expect to win. Although we are kind of certain that if we play our best we will win but our screw up rate is still quite high.

GS: There will be many top teams joining DreamHack, namely MYM and Team SK. All top teams playing their best do not have a 100% chance of winning other top teams. Which teams do you think will be the biggest obstacle?
Ant: MYM definitely

GS: Are you guys excited for the trip?

Ant: Of course.

GS: Any shoutouts?
Ant: Sponsors HP & AMD for making it possible!

GS: Good luck and all the best! =)
Ant: Thank you.

Thanks to Ant for allowing GameSync the opportunity to interview him the night before they fly off. Ant was still busy settling stuff for the trip. GameSync wishes Team Zenith all the best.

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