SG Sword’s Xtr3me3 featured as FIFA player to watch

Singapore Sword’s FIFA representative Mohamed "Xtr3me3" Phirkhan has been featured as one of the five FIFA players to watch at the upcoming Championship Gaming Series World Final in a writeup on the Carolina Core franchise website.

Michael "peawok" Fleming gave fair and balanced assessment of Xtr3me3’s performance at the Pan-Asia Final, pointing out his strengths and weaknesses. He concluded that Xtr3me3 will help Singapore Sword progress far into the World Final.

Below are some choice quotes:

Although FIFA is mostly overlooked through the Regions, a strong FIFA
player can easily score four or even five points more then his
opponent, which will likely result in a victory for his entire team.
FIFA players remain the silent force that can easily propel a team
ahead with a nice shot on goal.

Although he had a mediocre start in the Pan-Asian Championships, he picked his game up in the finals match against Haroutig10 of Sydney, winning with an impressive 7-1 score. His aggressive style of play should provide him with a couple extra points against his competitors, but if he pushes to hard, watch for him to drop two points or more against the other top players.

View the full article to read more about Xtr3me3 and the other FIFA players to watch out for at the World Final.

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