Birmingham, Stockholm advance to CGS World Final QFinals

Birmingham Salvo and Stockholm Magnetik advance to the quarter-finals of the Championship Gaming Series World Final after defeating Rio Sinistro and Sydney Underground respectively.

Birmingham demolished Rio 30-16, scoring huge wins across almost all game titles. Birmingham took Counter-Strike: Source 12-6, Project Gotham Racing 3 6-3, FIFA 2007 3-0 and Dead or Alive male 5-2. The only loss Birmingham suffered was in Dead or Alive female, losing to Rio 4-5.

Meanwhile, Stockholm pulled off a 27-20 victory against Sydney in a match that was in contention up till the very last game. Stockholm took an early 9-4 lead, winning 4-1 in FIFA and 5-3 in DoA Male’s. Sydney was expecting to negate Stockholm’s lead but their famed PGR duo Cam and Morpho underperformed, coming out with only a 6-3 win instead of the expected 8-1. Stockholm then proceeded to win CS:S 10-8 and drove the final nail into Sydney’s coffin with a 5-2 win in DoA Female’s.

Birmingham Salvo will face Singapore Sword in the next round of the CGS World Final, while Stockholm Magnetik will face down Chicago Chimera.

For more detailed write ups, read Stockholm vs Sydney and Birmingham vs Rio at the CGS website.

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