Singapore Sword defeated by Birmingham Salvo

Singapore Sword fell against Birmingham Salvo in Round Two of the Championship Gaming Series World Final this morning (Singapore time), as key players only managed minor victories and the others suffered accumulated small defeats.

Singapore’s strongest games are in Dead or Alive 4 Male and FIFA 2007, and many were counting on Wilson "Tetra" Chia and Mohammed "Xtr3me3" Phirkan to put the team ahead with respectable margins. Instead, they were held to just a one point victory, Tetra taking his DoA game 5-4 while Xtr3me3 ended FIFA with a small 2-1 victory.

Daphne "Perpetiel" Chow put up a good fight against Birmingham’s Samantha "Ricohet" Whale in DoA Female, but lost 2-5. Sword’s CSS team also put up a fantastic effort against Birmingham Salvo, but ultimately Salvo proved to be the better side as Sword lost 8-10.

In the end, with narrow margins in the other games, it was Project Gotham Racing 3 that proved to be decisive for Birmingham. David "Daveyskills" Kelly and Jason "NEOJAKE" Holmes destroyed Singapore duo Aaron "phenic" Aw and Jonathan "Takumi" Lee, finishing first and second, bagging Birmingham a huge 7 point advantage with a 8-1 victory over Singapore.

The final score was Birmingham 28, Singapore 18.

On a brighter note, all was not lost for the Singapore side. phenic proposed to long-time girlfriend Perpetiel at the end of the global web broadcast, and she accepted.

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