KODE5 SEA WC3 group stage report

girlyluck became the last participant to qualify for the KODE5 Southeast Asia Warcraft III live qualifier playoffs after finishing No-Corpse off 2-1 in the most intense and remarkable match of the day.

The small but enthusiastic crowd of Warcraft III participants and fans cheered and gasped at every small triumph and mistake made by both sides, bringing a tense but yet still casual atmosphere to the match as girlyluck and No-Corpse drew 1-1 in the series.

The final map would prove to be decisive in favour of girlyluck, as it would be played on Terenas Stand, a map that provides girlyluck’s Night Elf side with a natural advantage. No-Corpse put up a good fight but finally succumbed after making serveral mistakes which cost him the game.

The players who qualified for the WC3 playoffs are:

  • Group 1: fsk3.gosubay
  • Group 2: darkstrike.dive
  • Group 3: sekret]nickT
  • Group 4: b3ck
  • Group 6: Etny^HioK.hQ-
  • Group 7: girlyluck
  • Online qualifier seed: Pin

gosubay, who is the 2007 Singapore World Cyber Games champion, looks set to power his way to the top of KODE5 SEA. He is already familiar with the playing field, having played with and against them for years now, and will know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses inside out.

However, girlyluck, the 2007 WCG Singapore runner-up, will be looking for a rematch and revenge for snatching the crown away from his grasps. Pin, the Malaysian who dominated the Online Qualifier held earlier this month might prove to be a challenge as well.

Update: We previously reported that the last map between girlyluck and No-Corpse was on Echo Isles. It should have been Terenas Stand. Thanks to girlyluck for pointing out the error.

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