TF2 scrim prediction: *auR. vs -V- Co.

This Saturday, 15 December 2007, will see the historic first 6v6 scrim between two Singapore TF2 teams under the TF2PUG system. Are You Ready (*auR.) and [5th] Company (-V- Co.) will be involved in a 6v6 face off on Dustbowl.

*auR. is coming into this game with years of experience from their TFC days behind them. We’ve seen on that they’re a highly coordinated group on pub servers, no doubt due to the chemistry built up since their early days. The effectiveness of *auR’s soldier+medic combos have reached legendary status in the local community.

Unfortunately, *auR. is unable to field their core players this Saturday, as they not available for the scrim. “We’re gonna miss Marigold, RaRe and Shoty in the match, which will be a big blow for us,” said Kw. *auR. will instead be fielding a new side, drawing on old members from their TFC squad who are new to TF2.

On the other hand, -V- Co. is but a hatchling relative to *auR., but is one of the oldest of the new teams and currently one of the most prominent and largest in the community. -V- Co. also boasts players with great individual skills, on par with *auR., but due to the youth of the team itself, chemistry between members are not as strong as *auR.

Like *auR., -V- Co. is unable to field their strongest six due to player unavailability. Compounded with this problem is the lack of tactical experience and team chemistry due to most players being new to the TF experience and the young age of -V- Co.

“Pub play and scrim play are different and our players might not be accustomed to the gameplay in scrims,” said -V- Co. leader Spud, agreeing that the lack of tactical awareness and chemistry amongst the team is a massive disadvantage for -V- Co. “I don’t expect to win, but that doesn’t mean we don’t stand a chance in the match this coming Saturday though.”

Spud’s optimism might not be unjustisfied. Dustbowl is a notoriously hard map to hold against, with 6 capture points (CP) to defend over 3 stages. And with just six players a side, mistakes will be amplified. Each team will just need to exploit that fleeting opportunity from weaknesses in defense and a point will be captured in mere seconds. With up to 30 minutes to cap the sixth and final CP, it’s not that hard to imagine such a breakthrough occuring for either team.

*auR.’s Kw certainly had this in mind and will not be letting down his guard against -V- Co. “People will be thinking about xfr and freeze dominating in TF2, but its a team game so I won’t go for an *auR. win,” said *auR.’s Kw. “Who knows, -V- Co. can snatch it from us.”

Prediction: Most likely a draw, but *auR. is the team most likely to pull off a win.

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