Team[LZ] wins Game Enough? CS tournament

Team[LZ] took the top spot at the Game Enough? Counter-Strike 1.6 competition on Wednesday, while second-placed Team [5] learnt that a one point makes a S$200 difference in prize money.

Some ten teams took part in the Game On? competition, organized by the People of Destiny youth centre. Beginning at 11am, the teams took part in the first stage, a single elimination playoffs. By 4pm, teams LZ, [5] and ooo were left as the last three teams remaining and proceeded to the round robin finals.

In the round robin stage, ooo defeated [5] 16-12, [5] defeated LZ 16-13 while LZ defeated ooo 16-6. As all three teams scored a single win, their ranking was decided by the total number of rounds won.

With LZ having 29 rounds for them compared to [5]’s 28 rounds, LZ emerged as the champions, while [5] took second place. ooo with only 22 rounds placed third.

LZ won S$400 in cash for their efforts, while [5] took home S$200.

For the full brackets and scores, click here.

Update: We previously reported that the competition was called Game On? It should have been Game Enough? instead. GameSync apologizes for the error.

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  • StrkX

    Team lz damm noob la..

    Titans beat them like hell … syck oso dont wan play with them.. too noob