Zenith still the CAPL Elite Category team to beat

Team Zenith showed that they are still the team to beat in DotA after they defeated Impreza in the finals of the Compaq AMD Pro-Gaming League 2007/08 Winter Season Elite Category.

Impreza started out strongly, opting for a 5 Necronomicon push strategy that caused Zenith to lose early ground and forced them to play defensively at the start. However, Zenith managed to turn things around, and by the end of the game Zenith’s end gamers farmed up and managed to defeat Impreza 45-27. Hyhy’s Queen of Pain final kill tally was 21 heroes, while ice’s Luna had 11 kills.

“All of us played very well,” said Lim “hy” Han Yong of Zenith’s performance, although he added that winning CAPL was something they had “expected”.

Zenith’s Xu “zx” Zhen Xiang said that the team was happy as this is the first CAPL win for the members of the team who crossed over from Micronology to join Zenith.

zx also commented that CAPL should consider implementing an item limit rule and that the backdoor rules should be refined. Impreza had used 5 Necronomicons in an ultimately unsuccessful early push strategy. In most global tournaments, there is a 2 Neconomicon item limit. Later in the game, Impreza also used their Visage’s Revenants to teleport just outside of Zenith’s base and then blink in from the jungle.

In the 3rd/4th placing match, Gachapon defeated )DsD( 20-19 to take the third placing.

Zenith walks away with S$2,000 in prize month, while runner-up Impreza takes home S$1,000. Third placed Gachapon earned S$500 and fourth placed )DsD( took home S$250.

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