Singapore DotA 2007 report

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Last year was another fruitful year for DotA fans, with many competitions spread out through out the year. Here’s a review of the events that were held in 2007.

Compaq AMD Pro-Gaming League 2006/07 Winter Season

It was disappointing that
many teams who were matched up against stronger opponents did not turn
up, leading to many no
shows during this competition. It was not as bad as Counter-Strike
though, where there
was even more no shows.

Open Category

  • 1st: Xtrodinary
  • 2nd: y2j
  • 3rd: Cheryl Chocolate Candy
  • 4th: sV

Premier Category

  • 1st Wrath
  • 2nd FooSa
  • 3rd Titans
  • 4th x3m-Asterisk

Elite Category

  • 1st iPod Mini
  • 2nd dN*
  • 3rd Zenith
  • 4th Nightmare


HQ DotA Competition

This was probably the highest prize payout by a lanshop in Singapore.
The prizes were S$2,000, S$1,000 and S$500 for first, second
and third placing respectively. This despite the S$35
registration fee that was lower than most other competitions.

  • 1st: rEv0
  • 2nd: Ipod
  • 3rd: Gamers Inc


Gamers Inc/LanLab DotA

As it was held together on the same day with Ang Mo Kio
Raiders competition, several matches
had been delayed as teams attempted to shuttle between the two venues.
The prizes given out stretched to the top 32 teams, with 50
hours of free gaming at any Gamers Inc or LanLab outlet given out to
the 9th through 32th placed team.

  • 1st: Zenith
  • 2nd: XQR
  • 3rd: Gaming Inc Alpha


Raiders Competition

This competition was held at the Ang Mo Kio Raiders lanshop.
Controversy erupted when the winners were shocked
to found out the first prize of S$1,000 in cash and prizes had only
S$250 cash. The other S$750 was in vouchers, including Spa
vouchers. The prize for the runner-up was S$150 in cash and
S$350 worth of vouchers.

  • 1st: t@x!S~
  • 2nd: NICE ONE LAR


Interschool E-Gaming

This is the second season of the Interschool E-Gaming Challege, the
first being held in 2006. 2007 saw the
competition opening up to students from universities, polytechnics and
ITE. However, as it
was held during university examinations period, no university team
signed up for the event. Each school could only send one team based on
a first come first serve basis. It led to some teams being unable to
despite claiming that they were the better team to
representing their

  • 1st: Team NP
  • 2nd: Teams ITE FTW (ITE Tampines)
  • 3rd: Team TP


Intel Gaming Cup Finals

The Intel Gaming Cup Finals held at HIGH Club had half of the teams
coming from
qualifiers held earlier in the year. Controversy erupted when BRTS was
disqualified when
passing of Aegis occurred. BRTS was given a loss despite the fact that
they had won the game, and that the Aegis passing had minimal impact on
the game.

  • 1st: Zenith
  • 2nd: dN*
  • 3rd: Em Ai Two (Mi2)
  • 4th: Micronology


CAPL 07/08 Spring Season

The CAPL 07/08 season was a brand new format where Warcraft 3
and Counter-Strike were dropped along with the Premier category. The
Elite category had many strong teams competing with each other. Due to
the drafting of the bracket, Team xqR and Micronology were seeded into
a bracket
in which the winner will proceed straight to the finals. Thus, it was a
game of all or nothing and a S$1,000 bounty to them. xqR was victorious
and proceeded to the


  • 1st: Hello Panda ( Last known as Foosa)
  • 2nd: Team Donut (Last known as Knightmare)
  • 3rd: We are Noobs( Last known as Mi2)
  • 4th: Sio the Floor United


  • 1st: Zenith
  • 2nd: aqR
  • 3rd: Ipod


GXL Dota MechMaster Tour

A competition that saw Zenith and Micronology meeting in the first
round. Micronology triumphed over Zenith, and proceeded to win
championship. dN* took the third spot, beating LMGT (who
should be Sweety). The S$1,500 prize pool turned out to be a
repeat of the Raiders
competition, where there was only a S$150 cash prize and some product
prizes for the champions. The same thing happened to the second and
third placed teams.

  • 1st: Micronology
  • 2nd: Knightmare
  • 3rd: dN*


NUS LAN Gaming Festival 2007

This competition presented the revival of the old school  team
who claimed the crown from hot favorites Micronology in the finals.
were lucky draws at the end of the event. The prizes of the draw
consisted of razor products.

  • 1st: DsD
  • 2nd: Micronology
  • 3rd: Soccer


MYM Prime Nations

This event held by Meet Your Makers was targeted at players who wished
to represent their
countries to find out which country had the best players.

Team Singapore, led by Zenith’s Ice, with the lineup of Tofuboi, Ant,
Bouncy, Nutz, TrueColdRain, Musica, zx and WaN, made it to the playoffs
by beating Korea and USA. Ultimately, they lost to Ukraine in
the winners’
bracket and were eliminated after losing to Germany in the losers’

  • 1st: Russia
  • 2nd: Germany


CAPL 07/08 Summer Season

Another exciting season of CAPL. The winning teams were:

Open Category

  • 1st: Gachapon (Previously known as Ipod)
  • 2nd: Alternative (Previously known as Wrath)
  • 3rd: )DsD(
  • 4th: Whose your Daddy

Elite Category

  • 1st: Zenith
  • 2nd: Knightmare
  • 3rd: Micronology
  • 4th: Foosa


World Cyber Games Singapore
National Finals

Although it was without a doubt the most anticipated event of
the year, many teams faced
problems turning up as it was held in during the weekday period. The
top two teams
during that period, Zenith and Micronology, were the favorites to win
event and represent Singapore in the WCG Asian Championship. Zenith
had Musica, coming back to Singapore from Australia to play
Zenith, restoring their original lineup and increasing their
chances of winning the event. With Micronology
and Zenith facing each other in the finals, Micronology edged out
Zenith to win the event.

WCG Safra

  • 1st: Knight-mare
  • 2nd: Gambling Jokes
  • 3rd: Royal

WCG Toa Payoh

  • 1st: Gaming Inc. Alpha
  • 2nd: Ivory
  • 3rd: [a.H]

WCG Changi-Simei CC

  • 1st: Micronology
  • 2nd: XtC
  • 3rd: FooSa

WCG Yew Tee CC

  • 1st: dN*
  • 2nd: Soccer
  • 3rd: Gamers Inc

WCG Ulu Pandan CC

  • 1st: Team AlTeRNaTiVE
  • 2nd: Playmore
  • 3rd: Sweety

WCG SengKang CC

  • 1st: Minimize
  • 2nd: xqR
  • 3rd: rEv0

WCG Singapore
National Finals

  • 1st: Micronology
  • 2nd: Zenith
  • 3rd: xqR
  • 4th: Alternative


WCG Asian Championship

Micronology went to on to the Asian Championship and played teams India Error
and Indonesia XcN
in the group
stage. They won Error and lost to XcN, but still managed to proceed to
the playoffs. They were knocked out by
China Clan World
Elite, who went on to win the competition.

  • 1st: China World
  • 2nd: Malaysia CyberTime1
  • 3rd: Philippines Flow


CAPL 07/08 Autumn Season

The Elites Category was held together with WGT qualifers at Games
Convention Asia, had two upsets done by Team XQR and Team Knightmare,
beating Team Micronology and Team Zenith respectively, landing both
team 1st and 2nd position.

Elite Category

  • 1st: XQR
  • 2nd: Knightmare
  • 3rd: Micronology
  • 4th: Zenith

The Open Category had a new team, X3, beating veteran team rEv0 and
Wrath, claiming the championship.

Open Category

  • 1st: X3
  • 2nd: Wrath
  • 3rd: rEv0
  • 4th: Chio!


World GameMaster Tournament

This competition where many teams were waiting for, had its prize money
drop from 1st $5000 to 1st $1500. The Championship was won by the Xqr
in 2006, where Zenith was beaten in the top 16 place off by Dreamz, now
known as Knightmare.


Team Gachapon and Team wrath won theirselves a spot in the
Quarterfinals, after beating Team Knightmare and Team GG.Alpha

  • Top 2: Gachapon and Wrath


Malaysian team Malaysia
DN-SK came down to Singapore to compete in this
competition. They were beaten by Knightmare, who went down to Zenith.
Zenith proceeded to win the championship from arch rival Micronology.

  • 1st: Zenith
  • 2nd: Micronology
  • 3rd: Wrath
  • 4th: Xqr


GG-Client Asian DotA

This competition consisted of 10 different countries, Singapore,
Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Indian, Korea, Thailand, Chinese
Taipei and the Philippines. The winner of each country’s playoffs will
their country to play against other countries in the finals.

In this competition, the top two teams in Singapore, Zenith and
Micronology, combined to form Mizen. They sailed past all opponents to
be the representative of Singapore.

  • 1st: Mizen
  • 2nd: Xqr

The competition is still ongoing. More information can be
found at


Zenith European Trip

Zenith was sponsored to fly to Europe, where they took part
in two different competitions in two countries in two weeks!
Zenith participated in the ASUS Winter Open in Russia, and then in
DreamHack in Sweden.

In Russia, Zenith was knocked out by champion team Say Plz (sP) in the
top 16 single elimination playoffs.

  • 1st: Russia
    Say Plz
  • 2nd: Russia

They went on to Sweden to got 3rd after losing to Team SK-Gaming twice
in winner and loser bracket. Team MeetyourMakers won the championship.

  • 1st: Europe
  • 2nd: Europe
  • 3rd: Singapore

It was definitely good experience for Zenith.


2007 Games Xtreme
League Season 02 Finals

Another major event in Singapore, it consisted of a online
where teams play each other in a Round Robin format and the Final 16
teams will meet in Republic Poly. Big teams from Asia like Indonesia XcN
and Malaysia Ks,
came down to Singapore and won away 1st and 2nd position which consists
of $6000 in total.

This was the first competition in Singapore that uses extended
mode(-xl). As many of the rules were different from the usual sets of
rules used in Singapore, many teams broke the rules without knowing it.
Those unlucky teams were given a loss despite the rule broken would not
affect the final result.

Top 16 Round Robin teams

  • Indonesia
    XcN (Top Indonesian team)
  • Malaysia Ks
    (Top Malaysian team)
  • Malaysia MkvL
    (Another Malaysian team,did not show up as they were in Malaysia
    playing another competition)
  • Singapore Yuxi
  • Singapore Sweety
  • Singapore Unique
    (Consisting of many famous veteran players)
  • Singapore BsL
    (Team Xqr.DotA)
  • Singapore Zenith
  • Singapore RsC
  • Singapore Team

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