CGS season 2 starts today

The 2008 Championship Gaming Series season begins today, and with current player contracts expiring yesterday, the impending Pan-Asian Final as well as a permanent General Manager for Singapore Sword yet to be announced, it looks like there will be much in store for the Pan-Asian Region in the next few months.

According to Sydney Underground’s GM Ben "Racs" Thomas, the current CGS franchise players’ contracted ran out yesterday. With the 2008 CGS Pan-Asian Final just barely two months away, the GMs for each team will have to quickly evaluate their current team rosters and scout for new talent as necessary.

Last year, top talent from all over each country participated in a tournament, with the winners being drafted into each CGS team. However, with each team’s roster now firmly established, it is unknown if the same process will be repeated again. It could be too much to expect the 2007 roster players to be thrown back into a free-for-all elimination tournament to retain their spot, although if they truly represent the best, then they should face no problems.

However the drafting process will turn out, what is clear that each franchise must be ready by 30 April 2008, when the CGS Pan-Asian Final will kick off in Wuhan, China.

Meanwhile, there is a more pressing matter to be resolved for Singapore Sword, last year’s Pan-Asian Final champion. They were left without a permanent GM after GM candidate Chris Soh stepped down amidst charges of corruption and favouritism after the Singapore draft. Since then, CGS Director of Operations for Asia, Steven Yong, has filled in as the temporary GM.

Our sources indicate that nominations for a new GM have been submitted and are currently being reviewed. With the important role that a CGS team GM plays in selecting talent and motivating and pushing talent to their best, no doubt we will hear an announcement regarding Singapore Sword’s 2008 soon.

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