Singapore Sword off to China

Singapore Sword will be flying off to Wuhan, China as the defending champions in the second Championship Gaming Series Pan-Asia Final today with a new general manager and player in tow.

As GameSync reported earlier, former team member Aaron “Phenic” Aw is indeed Sword’s new GM. In 2007, Phenic played Project Gotham Racing 3 for Sword. His taking up of the GM position marks the first time in CGS history that a frachise player has been made a manager.

Replacing Phenic as the team’s racer will be Jeffery “Xos” Chan, who was talent spotted by Phenic at the recent Singapore Sword team selection event.

According to a Facebook message sent by Singapore Sword, apart from changes in the team’s racers, Sword’s roster returned unchanged from the previous year. The roster for this season is:

  • GM Aaron “Phenic” Aw
  • CS:S Randy “Randy” Lai
  • CS:S Ghim “Squall” Toh
  • CS:S Prasad “Stryker” Paramajothi
  • CS:S De Wei “Kazuya” Chia
  • CS:S Kenneth “Monster!” Yeo
  • DOA M Wilson “Tetra” Chia
  • DOA F Daphne “Perpetiel” Chow
  • FM2 Jeffery “Xos” Chan
  • FM2 Jonathan “Jonathan Takumi” Lee
  • FIFA Mohamed “Xtr3me3” Phirkhan

Sword is going into this Pan-Asia Final with a strong console team once again, led by Tetra in Dead or Alive Male and Xtr3me3 in FIFA. With a Counter-Strike: Source team that can hold their own against the best in the Asia Pacific region, Sword’s chances of defending their title are looking good.

However, having a new game, Forza Motorsports 2, and a new manager behind Sword adds in new factors of unpredictability to Sword’s game.  The other CGS franchises, especially Sydney Underground, have reportedly made great improvements in their team as well.

While it would be a stretch to claim that Singapore Sword will definitely retain their title as CGS Pan-Asia Champions, what is certain is that it will be an explosive and exciting tournament for the teams and spectators.

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