CGS: Sword and Taufan reeling from losses

Southeast Asian Championship Gaming Series team franchises Singapore Sword and Kuala Lumpur Taufan are left licking their wounds after the third day of the CGS Pan-Asia Final.

Both teams received 3 losses and 1 win, with Sword barely edging out Taufan on individual scores.

Sword went down against Sydney Underground 19-24, Seoul Jinhwa 17-22 and Wuhan Dragon 15-27, but managed to pull one back against Dubai Mirage with a margin of 28-15. It was a similar story for Taufan, who won Mirage 28-20 and lost to Underground 12-28, Jinhwa 14-25 and Dragon 17-26.

Sword and Taufan will be playing against each other tomorrow to determine who gets the crucial fourth spot on the table. Not only will the winner proceed to the semi-finals, it also represents the only chance for both either team to make a comeback and take the Pan-Asia Final trophy.

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