Did Tetra punch Phenic?

Unverified reports allege that Singapore Sword’s Wilson "Tetra" Chia punched the team’s General Manager Aaron "Phenic" Aw, resulting in his immediate dismissal from the Championship Gaming Series.

According to comments (#31) posted by Chapree, a reporter with Multiplay, a source informed him that Tetra was seen "leaving the hotel, waiting for a cab with his luggage".

Adding more fuel to the fire, user mEtAlxNG posted on the Singapore Sword website the following comment: "some doa guys are sayin tetra was seen punching his GM in front of Tonya and other teams" (sic). Tonya is the Player Relations Officer for CGS.

What is known for certain is that Tetra is no longer participating in the tournament, dealing a huge blow to Singapore Sword. GM Phenic has confirmed that he will be stepping up to replace Tetra for the remaining duration of the Pan-Asia Finals.

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