Tetra: Phenic deserved it

Former Singapore Sword player Wilson "Tetra" Chia has publicly admitted to slapping his team’s General Manager Aaron "Phenic" Aw and claimed that he deserved it, citing management failures on Phenic’s part.

In a post on his blog, Tetra claimed that Phenic had let emotion cloud his judgement and made decisions that were detrimental to the team. Tetra also regretted his actions, as he has let his team down at a crucial moment, but still felt that Phenic deserved what came his way.

One of Tetra’s bugbears was Phenic’s selection of his own fiance, Daphne "Perpetiel" Chow, as the Dead or Alive Female representative over other better candidates.

"Covering points for her has caused immense stress for all the team members," wrote Tetra. "If a proper DOA player was picked, we wouldnt have all this nonsense problems. Phenic just had to choose Love over the team."

Tetra also wrote that Singapore Sword was a team torn apart by internal strife, and that Phenic did not "try to mediate the worsening situation where everyone hates Perpetiel and him".

"I cant even described how crazy it was when we ate seperately, we cant communicate properly, we cant understand what each of us are thinking in their minds," wrote Tetra. "There is so much HATE that it isnt even funny."

The Singapore and even international gaming community has largely voiced support for Tetra and have slammed the CGS for the unprofessional manner in which the incident was handled.

Tetra was summarily banned for life from the CGS by Commissioner Andy Reif without so much of an investigation or inquiry. In other professional sports, a physical confrontation would merely consistute a fine or temporary suspension.

Tetra’s blog post can be viewed at the following url: http://tetrasg.wordpress.com/2008/05/02/end-of-my-pro-gaming-days-in-cgs

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