GS TF2 6v6 League week 3 results

Continuing the trend of week 2, which was a steamroll week, H2h steamrolls Invicta to a 4-0 win, crushing them under their heels with a few solid knocks on the head in Granary.

This week’s matches were a little more nail-biting for the clans however, with a tense 6-5 for H2H against CM1, and stoppages at either A or B going for the defenders |S’un|, *aur and -V- Co. giving them a 6-4 advantage in the end.

The underdog team, #Vice, showing once again that they’re not to be taken lightly by anyone, follows through in capping everything and blowing anyone away. However, [tMg.tf2] shows that they’re not liable to be pushed over either, going all the way as well to make it a 6-6 draw for their match.

Week 3 is beginning to show who’s the powerhouses and who’s not to be ignored – #Vice especially, with CallsignX and FellowLad, taking names and kicking asses, are proving that #Vice isn’t the much-maligned clan of the local TF2 scene.

CM1, after two weeks of abysmal scoring, is fighting back now, not taking their losses lying down and giving H2H’s team of rocketeers a tense, final fight but being unable to claw their way to victory.

The full results (thread):

  • |S’un| 64 [Nods]
  • [FGi] vs eXc | – POSTPONED
  • [tMg.tf2] 66 {#Vice}
  • *auR. 64 Aww.
  • -V- Co. 63 [r4]
  • H2H <3 65 [Cm1]

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