Phenic to sue Tetra for slander

GameSync understands that Singapore Sword General Manager Aaron "Phenic" Aw is currently planning to sue Wilson "Tetra" Chia for what he perceives to be slanderous comments made over the recent CGS slapping incident.

When told of this, Tetra said he had "no reaction really". He added that what he wrote or said was "all true" and there was no malicious intent behind his blog post.

"I didn’t expect the response to be so overwhelming. I just wanted to let people know why I left the CGS," said Tetra. "My fans and supporters deserve to know."

At the time of publication, Tetra had not been served with a lawsuit nor received correspondence from any lawyer.

Last week, Tetra slapped Phenic at the CGS Pan-Asia Final in Wuhan, China and was promptly dismissed from the tournament and sent home to Singapore.

He then proceeded to post an entry on his blog detailing the circumstances that led to him slapping Phenic, leading to the current firestorm that has sparked criticism of the way the CGS had handled the matter, as well as how Phenic had managed Singapore Sword.

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