Richman Online (US) Open Beta!

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For players who have been looking forward to RichmanSEA From Asiasoft.
You can head over to Aeriagames to try out the US version while its in Open Beta.

Just head to [url=]its official site[/url] to download and play.

The following is an introduction taken from the site.

[quote]Are you tired of never-ending monster fighting and equipment upgrading? Would you rather have fun playing with friends and family? Do you (or someone you know) harbor fond memories of sitting around a table with a game-board, laughing and chatting; a game where your fortunes could change with every move? Developed by Softstar, creators of Dream of Mirror Online, Richman Online is a title that appeals to all kinds of players. Long-time gamers, casual players, manly men, girly girls, your parents, your children, sentient toasters; even those whose last game was a board game can find something to enjoy in Richman Online. Simple to learn and fun to master, you’ll find that Richman Online mixes elements of video games and traditional board games in an appealing combination that’s as big as you’d like it to be.[/quote]

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