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Today marks the end of Suntec E-Life’s Gaming Challenge. With Xbox360 games, PSP Slims and up to $500 worth of vouchers up for grabs, gamers gathered to show off their skills and claim their glory. After 3 weeks of grueling qualifiers the results are IN.



1st – Tan Chor Boon
2nd – Goh Zhong Xi
3rd – StarAce[/size]



[size=25]1st – Jonathan Takumi
2nd – Seizure_
3rd – Jackston Tan[/size]


[size=25]1st – Kim07
2nd – lesli
3rd – Swordfish[/size]


[size=25]1st – Veins Jared Ignatius
2nd – Jackson Tan
3rd – Jonathan Takumi[/size]



(Image Listed is for the PS3, VF5 is available on PS3, Xbox360 and Arcade.)

[size=25]1st – Jovian
2nd – Tetra
3rd – Danny[/size]


[size=25]1st – Notefreigger
2nd – Hittokiri
3rd – Boonkiller[/size]


[size=25]1st – Turtle Pogo
2nd – Team Random
3rd – Constipated Dolphins[/size]

Thanks to Jovian (jov2505) for the results! Apologies for the lack of pictures. I couldn’t make it down there myself :(

With WCG coming up, winners of Virtuafighter 5 , Guitar Hero III and Halo 3 are names to be watched.

Also to note, Singapore Sword’s Forza Representative Jonathan Takumi took home 2 places with him.. Tetra also took 2nd placing in the Virtuafighter 5 category.


I seriously love the Halo III team names.

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