Interview with WCG08 SG FIFA champion Xtr3me3

We had a quick interview with newly crowned World Cyber Games 2008 FIFA Singapore champion Mohamed "Xtr3me3" Phirkhan shortly after his final match. Xtr3me3 talks about his feelings on defending his title, as well as his thoughts on the upcoming Asian Championship and plans for the WCG Grand Finals.

VGSG: How do you feel after your win?

Xtr3me3: Excited! After the disappointment in CGS (Championship Gaming Series), I just needed this win badly.

VGSG: Can you tell us more about your final match?

Xtr3me3: To be honest, my semi-final match was harder. It was against my clanmate (Hang). Once I won that, I knew I would have an easier time in the final. I started badly but managed to regain my composure, due to my experience at international events like the WCG Grand Finals and CGS.

VGSG: How are your chances at the WCG Asian Championship this year?

Xtr3me3: I’m quite lucky to have drawn an easy group: Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan. I’ll try my best to qualify from the group stages and then worry about Korea, China and hot favourites India.

VGSG: Are India very strong this year?

Xtr3me3: They are the only ones who train with Europe. Their connection to both Asia and Europe is good.

VGSG: Any plans for the WCG Grand Finals this year? We understand that you will not be sponsored to Germany.

Xtr3me3: I wouldn’t want to think about that as tomorrow is the AC. I’ll worry about that after Sunday, but I’ll try my best to look for sponsors.

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