Tetra edges Danny out to be crowned VF5 champion

Wilson "Tetra" Chia, WCG 2008 VirtuaFighter 5 Singapore National Champion

Wilson "Tetra" Chia edged out Danny "Danny" Koo 3-2 in an epic five-game, closely-matched final to be crowned the VirtuaFighter 5 Singapore World Cyber Games champion.

Both players breezed through the round robin preliminary stage; Danny went undefeated througout, while Tetra lost just two matches – at the hands of Danny. The stage was thus set forthe ultimate showdown between the two veteran players.

Tetra picked Vanessa, while Danny picked Akira in the final.

In the first match, Tetra started out strongly by taking the first two rounds. Tetra was looking good during the third round, but Danny managed to turn the tables and won. From there on, Danny was unstoppable, managing a perfect win on the fourth round, and sealed the game on the fifth round. Game 1 winner: Danny 3-2

It was a near repeat of the same story in the second match, with Tetra taking the first two rounds, only to lose his advantage with Danny taking the next two rounds. However, Tetra was able to make a comeback with a huge health deficit in the last round, taking the game. Game 2 winner: Tetra 3-2

Tetra once again won the first two games in the third match before losing to Danny in the third round. However, Tetra did not allow Danny to drag the game on further and sealed the win by defeating Danny in the round after. Game 3 winner: Tetra 3-1

At this point Tetra only needed to win one more game to win the entire tournament, with the match score 2-1 in favour of Tetra. However, Danny put up a very strong fight, taking a round one win for the first time. Tetra managed to take one back, but Danny won the next two rounds to bring the match into the fifth and final tie-breaker game. Game 4 winner: Danny 3-1

Tetra, unfazed, showed good form and took the first two rounds. Danny was not prepared to let Tetra win so easily and managed to win the next round, but it was Tetra’s day and he won the next round, winning the game and the finals. Game 5 winner: Tetra 3-1

Match Summary:

Tetra Danny
Game 1 2 3
Game 2 3 2
Game 3 3 1
Game 4 1 3
Game 5 3 1

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