An exciting day for Xbox LIVE GOLD members at X08

It was a fun-filled day for Xbox LIVE GOLD members at Marina Square on 24 Oct 2008.

Organised by Xbox Singapore, X08 gathers the top gaming distributors and publishers for the ultimate preview of the best that Xbox 360 has to offer.

Xbox LIVE GOLD members were invited for a special event in which freebies were given away.

Gamesync caught up with Willen Gan, an Xbox LIVE GOLD member to see what he had to say.

Gamesync: So how did you hear about this event?
Willem: I was informed about this through email.

Gamesync: What’s that in your hand?
Willem: Freebies for X08.

Gamesync: Mind telling us what’s inside?
Willem: Posters, Game mags and 2 games.

Gamesync: In your opinion, is Xbox LIVE successful?
Willem: Definitely. There are a few million members worldwide.

Gamesync: And the community?
Willem: The people are great, made many friends.

Gamesync: How often do you use Xbox LIVE?
Willem: Right now, i play it every night.

Gamesync: So what’s your latest game?
Willem: FIFA 09

Gamesync: What do you think of X08?
Willem: It’s really cool. Lotsa great stuff.

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