$4,000 up for grabs in Sudden Attack OBT

Sudden Attack, a Korean-developed MMO first person shooter published in Singapore and Malaysia by Asiasoft, will begin its Open Beta Test phase in March with new game content and RM10,000 (S$4,175) to be given out.

To celebrate the launch of the OBT phase, RM400 (S$167) would be given out to each of the top 5 players with the highest accumulated experience points each week for five weeks beginning 3 March, according to the media release issued by Asiasoft.

New maps: Mad Cage (left) and Golden Eye

New gameplay modes will be added to the game. Submission Mode is a battle fought only with knifes in a the small arena-style Mad Cage map, while in Item Retrival Mode, a team of players will be tasked to retrieve a mission item and bring it to a designated area, while the other team tries to stop them.

A new melee weapon, the Gurkha Knife, and a new submachine gun, the AKS-74U, have been added as well.

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