Korean Hellgate: London gets update

A minor update for Hellgate: London has been released by Korean developer HanbitSoft, breathing fresh life into an otherwise dead game.

The game is only available in Korea after HanbitSoft acquired the rights to Hellgate: London from now-defunct Flagship Studios in November last year. Other publishers, including Singapore-based IAHGames, have since brought down game servers outside of Korea.

It is not known if HanbitSoft plans to revive the game outside of Korea.

  • One-time ‘Unique Skill Retrainer’ is awarded to all characters of all accounts that login within a specific award event interval.
  • Moloch now has a small chance to drop a Lesser Seal from each Invasion Act when he dies.
  • Any Champion monster that has a chance of dropping a Lesser Seal now has an additional chance to drop a second Lesser Seal of the same Act.
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