FIFA Online 2 vs FIFA 09: Which game is better?

For the first time in Singapore, champions of two FIFA games – FIFA Online 2 for the PC and FIFA 09 for the Xbox 360 – were pitted against each other in a test of skills that showcased the hugely divergent playing styles between the two football games.

LAN Battle champion Clarence “key” Kiaw represented the FOL2 camp, while Funan Interschool E-Gaming Champion Kuah Rulin represented FIFA 09. The friendly match was played in two legs, one on the Xbox 360 with FIFA 09, and the other on PC with FOL2.

While key emerged as the overall winner of the match with a 9-7 aggregate score, each player actually dominated at his own “home” game. Kuah delivered a very convincing 3-0 whopping of key‘s ass in FIFA 09, while key layed the smackdown on Kuah 9-4 in FOL2.

“Although I won overall, I have a lot of respect for my opponent because he could have won by a higher score in the first match. He also gave me a run for my money in the second match, but I managed to fend him off to uphold the honour of FOL2 gamers,” key said.

So which game won? Although key might have been the winner among the two players, it seems the games played themselves to a 1-1 draw.

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