Rapture: We messed up, WCG SG will have over 8 games

A spokesperson from Rapture Gaming, the organizer of World Cyber Games Singapore, has responded to the news story GameSync carried on Wednesday, saying that the announcement was made in error and that there will be over 8 games featured in the Singapore National Finals.

The manager of the WCG Singapore website, Project Manager Firdaus Prawira, said that the news post was merely placeholder content that was accidentally published while the old content on the website was being archived, and that the information seen on Monday was neither real nor accurate.

Mr Prawira confirmed that there would be more than 8 games at the National Finals, as mentioned in the revised post, rather than only 6 as in the erroroneous post.

When asked which games would be included in the competition, Me Prawira declined to comment, saying that more information will be released in the coming weeks.

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