Vertex.GWSG wins first Singapore L4D tournament

Vertex.GWSG narrowly edged out opponents Counter-Strike 1.6 Sunday night to be crowned champions of the first Singapore Left 4 Dead tournament.

The two teams were among the strongest in the field of 24 teams in the two-day competition and they did not disappoint in the penultimate match of the tournament, thrilling spectators with a final match that went down to the wire.

Evenly matched throughout the first four stages of No Mercy, the hospital rooftop Finale was where the winner would be decided. Vertex had a slight lead throughout the previous four rounds and managed to extend their lead by 700 points during their Survivor half on the Finale.

When it came to Vertex’s turn as Infected, one of the most thrilling moments of the tournament happened. CS1.6 was just roughly 10 seconds away from escaping with all four Survivors, when Vertex managed to incapacitate one of CS1.6’s members with a Smoker pull, forcing CS1.6 to cut losses and make away with just three survivors. This crucial act reduced CS1.6’s score multiplier to 3x instead of 4x, granting Vertex a decisive lead that finally put them far ahead of their opponents in the overall score, although had CS1.6 escaped with all 4 Survivors Vertex would still have won by a small margin of 200.

In the third-fourth placing match, Wallhackers (wH.) completely smashed Vertex II to secure the third placing in a lopsided match that saw Vertex being cleared as Survivors in the first and second stages of No Mercy.

Vertex.GWSG walks away with S$300 in cash and 400 Garena Shells for their victory, while Counter-Strike 1.6 walks away with S$150 in cash and Wallhackers get S$50 in cash. The three teams and fourth-placed Vertex II will also get seeded into the second round of the Zombie Mania Competition to be held next Saturday.

We previously reported that Vertex.GWSG’s final Smoker pull on the No Mercy Finale was the decisive factor in their winning of the final. This was based on an inaccurate source. Vertex.GWSG team leader Polobear claims that Vertex would have led Counter-Strike 1.6 by about 200 points even if they had 4 survivors escape, giving Vertex a slight lead over CS1.6 all the way. This agrees with the writer’s own observation of the match progress on No Mercy 1 to 4. The story has been updated accordingly.

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