GameSync L4D Survival Mode leaderboards

GameSync will publish a aggregated Left 4 Dead Survival Mode leaderboard, tentatively at the end of each month, for everyone who reads GameSync to find out where they stand among each other. Read on for information on registering yourself with the leaderboard.

The first scores will be published at the end of April, meaning you’ll have a week to pump up your Survival timings! The cutoff dates for this month’s leaderboards are:

  • 30 April: No Mercy
  • 1 May: Death Toll
  • 2 May: Dead Air
  • 3 May: Blood Harvest & Last Stand

To get added to the leaderboard, either add me on Steam (SteamID: matafleur) or post a screenshot of your leaderboard score in this forum thread.

Good luck!

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