SMM announces $37,000 DotA tournament

Malaysian-based Sendi Mutiara Multimedia’s Grand National DotA Tournament returns again, this time with a cash prize of RM88,9000 (S$37,000).

While the preliminary qualifiers are only open to Malaysians, the grand finals, slated 27 to 29 November, will be open to international teams.

Multiplay.LYN reports the following details:

Grand Finals Prizes

  • Champion: RM 42,000 Cash + Trophy + Sponsored Products
  • 1st Runner Up: RM 20,000 Cash + Trophy + Sponsored Products
  • 2nd Runner Up: RM 13,000 Cash + Trophy + Sponsored Products
  • 3rd Runner Up: RM 8,000 Cash + Sponsored Products
  • 5th place: RM 2,000 Cash + Sponsored Products
  • 6th place: RM 1,500 Cash + Sponsored Products
  • 7th place: RM 1,300 Cash + Sponsored Products
  • 8th place: RM 1,100 Cash + Sponsored Products

Registration begins 23 May on but information has not yet been released on the SMM site. Instead, you can read more details about the tournament at Multiplay.LYN.

(via Multiplay.LYN)

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