Leslie wins SF4SG PS tournament

It took over four hours but by the end of Friday the Street Fighter 4 Singapore community crowned Leslie as their latest champion after he topped a field of 49 participants.

Held at the Star Factory arcade in Plaza Singapura, the SF4 Singapore-organized tournament drew in the crowds. Spectators crowded the two arcade machines designated for matchplay, while others stood along the outside corridor watching matches being broadcast ‘live’ from large projection screens converted from House of the Dead 4 machines.

The tournament was held in a double-elimination format, with each match played to the best of 3 rounds. With almost 50 participants, the oversized brackets meant a long but enjoyable night for everyone, with many competitors cheering on their friends in between matches.

Eventually, Leslie defeated Sean in the finals to emerge as the top player in the tournament, while Dixon finished third.

“The finals was very intense and I was very nervous,” Leslie said. “I’ve never fought against my opponent before so it was a hard fight for me.”

When asked what he was going to do with his winnings – S$100 worth of arcade tokens – Leslie said that he would share it with his friends and fellow Street Fighter mates.

“I hope the Singapore Street Fighter 4 community standards will improve,” Leslie told GameSync before leaving with his friends.

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  • Glimmerous.Fop

    Out of curiosity, which fighter did he play with?