XTC signs Blackshot team

Singapore multi-gaming esports team Xtreme Chaotix (XTC) has signed a five-member Blackshot Online team into their stable.

The team is a combination of players from the teams who finished top two in previous Blackshot competitions at the Funan Interschool E-Gaming Challenge and the Compaq-AMD Pro-Gaming League.

General Manager of XTC, Michael Phee, said that he felt that the future of Blackshot as a competitive game had a “good prospect”, pointing to this year’s World Cyber Games Singapore featuring the game title as an example.

“No offence to the Counter-Strike community or to our existing CS 1.6 or CS: Source teams, but those games are slowly dying competitively in Singapore,” said XTC General Manager Michael Phee. “I needed a dynamic and active team to further represent XTC in the FPS category.”

The Blackshot team’s leader, Timothy “jnashville” Chew, is aiming for a podium finish in every tournament they compete is with XTC’s support. “We feel that XTC is a well-organised gaming organization,” Chew explained. “We believe that XTC will provide us with excellent support to propel us to achieve our goals.”

The five members of XTC’s newly signed Blackshot team are:

  • Timothy “jnashville” Chew (Leader)
  • Xiang “Deathz™” Yar Yu
  • Derek “kObe.24” Ng
  • Ryan “rainbOw” Lee
  • Samuel “weezy” Guo.

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