WCG Asian Championship details

The World Cyber Games Asian Championship is all but confirmed to be held on 3 to 5 July in Singapore, at the same venue as The Games Xpo 2009, with three confirmed game titles so far and the addition of Sri Lanka to the country lineup.

Malaysian gaming blog Multiplay.LYN reports that an announcement posted on a Sri Lankan gaming forum and through a source based in the Philippines have revealed that the games to be played at the Asian Championship are:

  • DotA Allstars
  • FIFA 09
  • Guitar Hero World Tour

Multiplay.LYN also points out that this means Sri Lanka will be making its first appearance at the WCG Asian Championship this year.

GameSync has independently confirmed the dates through the MSN and Facebook activity of persons close to Rapture Gaming, the organizer of WCG events in Singapore. Various individuals have been using both online platforms to recruit game marshals, set-up crew and even models for WCG 09.

At this time, both the WCG Asian Championship and Singapore websites are still “coming soon”, despite the fact that so much information is already available about them. Furthermore, registration for a WCG Singapore Championship event has already opened.


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