TF2: Spy and Sniper updates both slated 22 May

Valve pulled out a surprise last Friday by revealing Spy unlockables and seemingly changing the Sniper update to the Spy update, but it turns out that both classes will receive updates on Thursday.

Shacknews reports that Valve’s Vice President of Marketing, Doug Lombardi, has confirmed that the upcoming 22 May content patch will contain both Sniper and Spy unlockables.

The new Spy unlocks are the Dead Ringer, a pocket watch which leaves a decoy corpse on the ground while the Spy is cloaked for 8 seconds, and the Cloak and Dagger wrist watch, which allows Spies to stay cloaked indefinitely as long as they stand still.

Other features in the patch are the Payload Race game mode and two new Arena maps, as well as the Longbow and Razorback Sniper unlocks. Valve also released the Meet The Spy video officially this morning Singapore time, after it was leaked on Friday.

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