License 2 Play promises gaming weekend fun

Curious to find out more about the gaming culture and industry in Singapore? Want to experience and get your hands on the latest games this weekend? Or perhaps you just want to get your parents (gasp) to understand why you’re so into gaming? Then the License 2 Play games show, happening this weekend at Suntec City, is just the event for you.

The three-day event, held at Suntec City Convention Hall 603 from Friday to Sunday, will feature tournaments, workshops and a showcase of the latest computer games, entertainment software and hardware.

One of the highlights of the event is AsiaSoft’s GameFest 2009, which includes a S$9,500 cash prize Sudden Attack competition, an interschool Audition competition and the unveiling of the MapleStory Episode 2 expansion and AsiaSoft’s latest MMO, gongfu-themed Yulgang.

Another major draw will be the first ever World of Warcraft Arena 3v3 tournament held offline in Singapore, along with an accompanying WoW-themed festival, aptly named Darkmoon Faire.

Besides the competitions, workshops and panel discussions will be available for those who wish to learn more about games development, professional gaming and cyber wellness.

L2P is co-organized by Singapore Press Holdings and the Singapore Cybersports and Online Gaming Association, with AsiaSoft as the anchor partner. Admission is free. For more information and registration for the workshops, visit

GameSync will post the full programme for L2P on our website tomorrow so you’ll know what time the workshop and events will be held, so stay tuned.

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