IceFrog: Timing of break with was ‘no accident’

IceFrog, the developer behind recent versions of popular WarCraft III custom map DotA Allstars, told GameSync that the timing of founder Pendragon_‘s return and his break with the popular DotA community website was not mere coincidence.

On 13 May, posted a lengthy interview with Pendragon_, in which he talked about his recent return to as well as a game whose development he was involved in, League of Legends. The very next day, IceFrog broke the news that he was no longer affiliated with the on his personal blog.

Were the two events related? GameSync put the question to IceFrog through email and this was what the DotA Allstars developer had to say: “I’d rather not give any more details. The timing was no accident though.”

Although IceFrog did not reveal much else, it’s clear that a rift, either personal or professional in nature, has appeared between IceFrog and Pendragon_, perhaps over the future direction of

IceFrog intends to continue DotA development, with the next 6.60 update already on the horizon, and plans to start a new DotA Allstars community website.

“I’ll release a mission statement about the new community site in the near future,” wrote IceFrog.

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