SF4: Singapore selections for K.O. next Saturday

The Street Fighter 4 Singapore selections for TKA’s Knockout Episode 1 (K.O.) tournament will be held next Saturday, 30 May at the Virtualand Bugis Junction arcade.

Only the best player at the Represent!! (Yo) selection tournament will be guaranteed to represent Singapore, while the second and third-placed winners will be seeded into the K.O. qualifiers. The prize breakdown for Represent!! (Yo) is listed below:

1st place:

  • Represent Singapore on July 4 against the best from Japan and Korea
  • Automatic qualification to the K.O. finals.

2nd and 3rd place:

  • Limited edition SF4 premiums
  • Priority seeding for K.O. qualifiers.

All participants of the selections will also be given a ticket to play a best of 5 game against one of the players from Korea and Japan, so everyone will get a chance to be exposed first-hand to the overseas SF4 playing style.

The K.O. SF4 tournament will be held on 4 July at The Games Xpo and will feature the best players from Singapore, Japan and Korea in competition to win a share of the S$1,000 cash prize purse.

To find more information about Represent!! (Yo) and K.O., visit the SF4 Singapore website. To register for the Represent!! (Yo) selections, visit Round1.sg.

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  • Glimmerous.Fop

    I just came back from Bugis arcade where I spectated some of the people playing SF4 there. Awesome stuff, really fun to watch.

    Sagat and Ken seem to be the best top-tier characters from what I’ve seen so far.

  • Matafleur

    Yeah. Here’s a link to Tetra’s blog post detailing the breakdown of characters among the top 100 Japanese players. Pretty interesting to see: http://tetrasg.wordpress.com/2009/05/06/sf4-japan-top-100-character-in-bp-ranking/