Alternatives to StarHub TF2 servers

With the StarHub Team Fortress 2 servers now gone for good, many dedicated players are wondering where they can go to get their fix now. GameSync has complied a list of servers located in Asia that you can try playing on. Depending on your location in Asia, your latency may vary. Please let us how you fare.

e-Club servers (Singapore-based)

  • e-Club TF2 #1 [pl_ + All Talk]
  • e-Club TF2 #2 [cp_all]
  • e-Club TF2 #3 [ctf_all]
  • e-Club TF2 #4 [cp_well,granary,gravelpit]
  • e-Club TF2 #5 [pl_All]
  • e-Club TF2 #6 [All_maps]
  • e-Club TF2 #7 Match Server (password)
  • e-Club TF2 #8 Pick Up Games (password)
  • e-Club TF2 #9 Arena
  • e-Club TF2 #10 Arena

GameSync (Singapore-based)

  • TF2 6v6 PUG Server (password)

Other Singapore/Malaysia-based servers

  • The AGENTCY 1 – (Malaysia ALL TALK Server)
  • The AGENTCY 2 – (Malaysia ALL TALK Server)
  • Eternal Gamers TF Server #1
  • Eternal Gamers TF2 Server #2
  • Eternal Gamers TF2 #3 [Arena]

The GameSync server is mainly for bball, 6v6 scrims and pick-up games. If you need the server password, approach someone in the community who is part of a team or has been pugging regularly.

We’ll add more servers from other countries, such as Japan in the future.

Thanks to Sooty for kicking off the list and suggesting this article in this comment.

Updated the e-Club servers. Thanks to hcaz for posting their updated server list.

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  • thelousy

    E-Clubs down as of this evening

  • thelousy

    E-Clubs down as of this evening