DotaSG L4D Survival mode tourney slated June

DotaSG will be holding the first Left 4 Dead Survival Mode competition in Singapore next month at the CyberDome cybercafe.

Held on 21 June and dubbed I will SURVIVE!, the 32-team tournament will feature a total prize pool of S$1,500 in cash and prizes.

All teams will play through three rounds, with teams to be ranked using a point system based on how long they lasted.

Teams will have to play a predetermined map, Lighthouse, a second map chosen by each team and a final map to be announced only on the day of the competition itself.

The prize breakdown is as follows:

  • 1st S$600
  • 2nd S$300
  • 3rd S$100 + 4 Valve games worth S$50 each
  • 4th 4 Valve games worth S$50 each
  • 5th to 8th Various prizes

Registration costs S$40 per team. More details are available at the DotaSG website.

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  • Glimmerous.Fop

    This is seriously, a very lame competition IMO. Versus is perfect for offline competition play… but SURVIVAL?

    Btw, it’s Survival mode, not Survivor.

  • Matafleur

    LOL corrected the epic spelling error. Thanks Fop.

    Well I think VS makes for a much better spectator game than Survival too, but let’s give it the benefit of doubt. It might turn out to be good after all…