Recap of Nintendo & Sony Press Conference in E3 2009

The Sony and Nintendo press conferences at the Electronics Entertainment Expo ended at about 4am this morning (Singapore time). For those who missed the live video broadcast of the event, here’s a recap of everything that went down during the two sessions. We’ll add screenshots and details once those become available.


New Super Mario Bros has been announced for Wii, which allows four players to play together “Little Big Planet” style.

WiiFit plus announced with several games which would appeal for familes.

Wii Motion Plus is introduced, with increased precision showcasing its abilities with WiiSports resort.

Games such as Tiger Woods, Grand Slam Tennis, Sega’s Virtual Tennis and Red Steel 2 would be using the Motion Plus. A slight mistake, error or bad habit you do in real life, would be reflected in here such as not serving the ball properly.

RPG games such as Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearer will be out on the Wii. While on the DS: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days out on Sept 29, Mario RPG: Browser’s Inside Story.

Yoshi is back in Super Mario Galaxy 2 to be released on Nintendo Wii, everyone misses Yoshi !

Resident Evil : Darkside Chronicles which looks like a shooter, Deadspace : Extraction and Metroid : Other M announced as well.

With this line up of Nintendo games, I think it was quite a failure after how Microsoft impressed us with line up from yesterday. The only appealing games would be New Super Mario Bros and maybe Metroid and Red Steel 2.



Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves is being shown case, with impressive graphics and intensive gameplay, although unrealistic at times, but hey it’s just a game.

Official announcement for PSP Go which has 16GB internal flash memory, 50% smaller and 40% lighter than the PSP-3000, integrated Bluetooth and uses M2. PSP Go is priced at $249.99 USD and Euro on 1st October. PSP titles will be available in both UMD and digital download.

Gran Turismo would be out on PSP, 60FPS, 800 cars, 35 tracks, 65 layout variations, 4player MP, sharing and trading in adhoc mode out 1st October.

Metal Gear Solid : Peacewalker, 10 years after MGS3, a true sequel to the franchise on the PSP.

Resident Evil: Portable announced, a whole new game designed from the ground up for the PSP, and is due out next year.

Assassin’s Creed 2 demo live on stage by Patrice Desilets from Ubisoft.

Final Fantasy 14 announced as a PS3 exclusive to be out 2010, it’s an MMORPG.

Dr. Richard Marx, creator of the EyeToy, shows a prototype device, which is like the Nintendo WiiMote.

ModNation racers announced, which is like LBP style of racing. Avatars reacts to changes made to clothes and cars, totally cute ! ModNation track editor looks awesome which is easy for users and able to create a track in 5 minutes. The game is in the works at United Front Studios in Vancouver, and is due out in 2010.

Team Ico with a PS3 exclusive The Last Guardian. No release date yet.

Gran Turismo 5 being shown now, looks awesome with WRC and NASCAR, the amount of details to GT5 is awesome.

Final chapter in the God of War trilogy being shown as the closure for Sony’s press conference. The same awesomeness in Kratos is there with more killing.

Sony has impressed me with the amount of game line up they have, looking forward to most of the games.

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