WCG SAFRA: Infected.PdM place third in L4D

Pandemonium’s Left 4 Dead team, Infected.PdM, defeated VertexGirls to place third in the World Cyber Games SAFRA Champions League tournament.

Infected.PdM pulled off a clear win in the third-fourth placing match, pulling 3,000 points ahead of VertexGirls on the Blood Harvest versus campaign.

Bernard “Hamster” Wee, team leader of Infected, thought that his team was lucky to have placed third.

“I think it’s quite a good result considering that we formed one and a half weeks ago and we can only train at night cause most of us have work,” Mr Wee said.

“We’ll also like to thank AX for helping us train almost every night, and Reapers.”

Mr Wee said that Infected.PdM will join the L4D Open Category tournament at the WCG Singapore National Finals in July and try to do their best.

At the time of writing, the finals between Wallhackers (wH.) and eXemplar was still being played out, with eXemplar currently in the lead.

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