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GameSync is currently down at Game Haven and our reporter, Lee “Matafleur” Wei Meng will be providing live updates on the Team Fortress 2 finals about to start at 4pm. You can follow our updates on our Facebook page (fan us!) or by following @gamesync on Twitter. We’ll post updates in this page as well (click on read more), but updates will not be as fast as on Facebook.

3.45pm -V- Co. is through to the WCG SAFRA TF2 finals after pulling off a clutch win against TFC (Bat) in the upper bracket finals. VCO was down 1-0 after cp_well and were down 1-0 in cp_badlands but managed to pull back 3 points to take badlands 3-1 and the match 3-2. 2ez (RN) is now playing TFC in the lower bracket finals.

4.36pm Rapture Gaming is telling me that they’re not allowing photographs to be taken inside the tournament area. In addition, I’m not allowed to do live updates or reports of any sort until the competitors have all left the tournament area. Luckily, one of TF2 teams are actually in a separate tournament area which is viewable from the area open to the public, so I’m doing my reporting from there.

4.40pm 2EZ just took a round against VCO.

4.53pm 2EZ won cp_granary 3-2.

4.55pm Next round to be played on cp_badlands

5.04pm We just had an exciting first half of the TF2 finals between 2EZ and VCO. 2EZ took cp_granary 3-2 and cp_badlands 2-0, winning the first round on an aggregate of 5-2. Since this is a double elimination tournament, VCO – coming from the upper bracket – will have another chance against 2EZ. Which ever team wins the next set of two maps will win WCG SAFRA. Map cycle remains the same, cp_granary and cp_badlands.

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