WCG SAFRA: wH. emerge as L4D champions

Wallhackers (wH.) have done it again. The Left 4 Dead team trailed eXemplar for most of the finals but managed to turn the tables on their opponents to emerge as L4D champions last night at the World Cyber Games SAFRA Champions League held at GameHaven cybercafe.

eXemplar managed to gain an early lead in the finals, played on the Blood Harvest versus campaign, when they managed to punish wH.’s mistakes by ending them. This gave eXemplar a lead of about 1,500 right from the start.

Despite this bad start, wH. perservered and slowly chipped away at eXemplar’s lead over the next three maps, cutting the score difference down by about 300 points.

wH.’s efforts eventually paid off in the Finale when eXemplar made a serious mistake as the Survivors. eXemplar’s Ernest “Yukimura” Tan, killed a Boomer point blank resulting in him getting mobbed by the zombie Horde.

Seeing that Yukimura could not move due to being swamped by zombies, wH. used the Tank to send a log flying into Yukimura, instantly incapacitating him. wH. was successful in keeping eXemplar from saving Yukimura, even killing off a second member of eXemplar in the process.

The final two members of eXemplar were eventually incapacitated and killed off with a double Hunter pounce from wH.

It was wH.’s game from there on with all four team members escaping safely when it was their turn to play the Survivors, winning them the match and the tournament by a margin only a few hundred points.

Team eXemplar from L to R: Lewis “Hatake Kakashi” Tsoi, Ernest “Yukimura” Tan, Ian “mGMUSE” Ang and Weng “Leasth” Ming Cai

The leader of wH., Glen “Madcapp” Seetoh had this to say about their win: “It was a very difficult match against (eXemplar). We had a lot of mistakes. It was quite lucky that we ended them at the finale if not we couldn’t have caught up at all.”

Yukimura of team eXemplar was understandably disappointed with eXemplar’s sudden turn of fortunes in the Blood Harvest finale.

“For the first four maps, I think we performed quite well,” said Yukimura. “Just that the finals, right, a cock up caused our team to down. One mistake can be very fatal during the match.”

wH. walks away with S$300 in cash, Game Haven vouchers and a seeding into the WCG Singapore National Finals Open Category finals. Second-placed eXemplar gets S$200 in cash and Game Haven vouchers. Third placed Infected.PdM get S$100 cash and Game Haven vouchers, while fourth placed VertexGirls get only Game Haven vouchers.

Update: For those who are wondering, eXemplar was formed for the purpose of taking part in this tournament out of the members of several L4D teams, including Vertex (Hatake Kakashi), Vertex II (Leasth and Yukimura) and CS1.6 (MGMUSE). CS1.6 and Vertex II couldn’t take part because of lack of members.

Update 2: We’ve clarified that Yukimura is not actually the leader of eXemplar, on the request of mGMUSE. The only actual member of eXemplar, as well as leader, is mGMUSE. The others just joined the team that mGMUSE had already registered to take part in SAFRA WCG.

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  • Glimmerous.Fop

    Everytime I see Darnoez’s picture he always looks so pissed. o_O

  • mG2

    thanks for clarifying it matafleur. btw its mGMUSE lol 😀

    eXemplar is also looking for good players for upcoming competitions. You can pm me through here or Steam(find me through a4d group).

  • Matafleur

    lol crap. sorry about that. >_< i've corrected your nickname hahaha.