XTC signs WC3 player, reshuffles Blackshot team

Singapore-based esports organization Team XTC has restarted its WarCraft III division with the signing of Marcus “Revenant” Tan and reorganized its Blackshot team after Samuel “weezy” Guo retired from the active lineup.

Revenant, 17, has been playing WC3 competitively since 2007 and was previously part of Taiwanese and Korean teams Army and aRi respectively before signing with XTC. Highlights of Revenant’s career include defeating Chinese player mouz.TH000 in last year’s G-League season IV qualifier.

Speaking to GameSync, Revenant said that he made the move to XTC to continue to pursue opportunities to play WC3 competitively and to keep himself in good form.

XTC’s Blackshot team has had a lineup change as well. Samuel “weezy” Guo will be retiring from an active position to take up the position of Head Coach. Replacing him will be Khoo “Camio” Yixuan, formerly from XTC’s Counter-Strike: Source team.

Both XTC’s new WC3 signing and refreshed Blackshot lineup will be participating in the World Cyber Games 2009 Funan League tournament held this weekend.

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