WCG Funan League final results

Here’s a partial result list for the World Cyber Games 2009 Funan League, compiled from what we’ve managed to find out from our sources. We’ll update the full list once results are publicly available. GameSync apologizes for not having live coverage of the event this weekend, but we promise to make up for it with more interviews of the winners!

Update: Full results list is up.


  • 1st: aR.XtC
  • 2nd: bf.nut

DotA Allstars

  • 1st: GWSG | Axis.RSC
  • 2nd: Little
  • 3rd: xEqua|ity

FIFA 2009

  • 1st: RonnyWilkinson
  • 2nd: amiropathkid
  • 3rd: Baumelles

Guitar Hero World Tour

  • 1st: Chen Yuyang
  • 2nd: Matthiaus Teo

Left 4 Dead

  • 1st: Vertex.GWSG
  • 2nd: eXemplar
  • 3rd: ILY
  • 4th: VertexGirls

StarCraft: Brood War

  • 1st: juniOr
  • 2nd: aLt)PoNy
  • 3rd: aLt)Nirvana.DFI

VirtuaFighter 5

  • 1st: danny13
  • 2nd: Gamer2116

WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne

  • 1st: XtC.Revenant
  • 2nd: SiN[no-corpse]
  • 3rd: girlyluck

Special thanks to Michael “xtremist” Phee from XTC and Nicholas “reaper’s scythe” Chin from wH. for their help in obtaining some of the results. Addition thanks to Ian “mgMUSE” Ang from eXemplar for verifying some of the results for GameSync. The rest of the results were taken from rapturegaming.net.

We previously reported that VertexGirls came in 3rd while ILY placed 4th for L4D. This is a mistake and has been corrected; it should have been ILY 3rd and VertexGirls 4th. Thanks to all those who pointed out the error: Ian “mGMUSE” Ang, Nicholas “reaper’s scythe” Chin and MayaArcana.

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  • MayaArcana

    Sorry, but I believe that the final results for L4D are:

    * 1st: Vertex.GWSG
    * 2nd: eXemplar
    * 3rd: ILY
    * 4th: VertexGirls.GWSG


  • Matafleur

    You are indeed right. I’ve corrected the error, thanks!