Left 4 Dead now supports custom campaigns

A Steam update was released for Left 4 Dead yesterday afternoon (Singapore time). The update enables players to easily download and play custom L4D maps and campaigns.

Valve has also updated the matchmaking lobby and leaderboards for custom maps, and enabled an auto-update/download feature for custom maps within the game menu.

The patch also fixes the infinite molotov cocktails bug and team swapping issue in Versus mode. No other major gameplay changes or new content were included in the update.

Here is the full changelog for the patch, taken from the Steam News web site:


  • Removed an infinite ammo exploit for molotovs
  • The team swapping issue in Versus has been fixed

Add-on Campaign Support

  • Players download third party campaigns as single .VPK file
  • Players can manage and select add-on maps and campaigns via game UI
  • Added matchmaking support and download/update prompt for add-on campaigns
  • Custom campaign support in Leader boards
  • If not already registered, left4dead.exe registers .VPK extension to allow automatic install of add-ons
  • Servers and the steam API have been extended to allow servers to send up a list of keys for matchmaking up to 1200 bytes in size

Left 4 Dead Authoring Tools

  • Fixed missing fgd error
  • Added vpk.exe command line tool for extracting, creating, and appending .VPK files
  • Removed info_versus (not used)
  • Added info_gamemode which fires outputs for Coop, Versus or Survival depending on what game mode the map is loaded in
  • Updated tutorial_standards example map, repackaged as ‘Dead Line’ campaign example add-on
  • Sample content now includes source files for official maps


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