XTC takes home second WCG gold after DotA win

Xtreme Chaotix (XTC) took home their second World Cyber Games Singapore National Finals gold medal this year after their DotA Allstars team defeated Axis yesterday afternoon in a final that came down to the wire.

In the final ten minutes both teams looked like they could win or lose, with Axis’s World Tree and XTC’s Throne both on extremely low health. However, XTC managed to edge out Axis in a nail-biting finish which was met by roars of approval from the large crowd of spectators that had gathered to watch the match at the main stage.

“We really wanted to win and it showed up during the final game, especially when our throne was so low on HP, but we never gave up and held on till the end,” team manager Lionel “Hammy” Lee said in a statement posted on the XTC website.

XTC obtained a gold medal last month when their newly-signed WarCraft III player, Marcus “Revenant” Tan, clinched the top spot at the Funan League.

With two WCG Singapore National Finals gold medals in the bag, XTC looks set to finish this year’s WCG with the highest tally of medals of any one organization.

XTC’s nearest competition, TitaNs Esports, will have to finish top in both Counter-Strike 1.6 and Virtua Fighter 5 to equal XTC’s current medal count.

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