WCG AC ’09: Singapore’s Etny.XTC place third in DotA

Singapore got a bronze medal in the WCG Asian Championship after Etny.XTC came from behind to defeat the South Korean team in the DotA Allstars third-placing match.

Etny.XTC were outplayed in terms of skill and ganking by the Korean team, with the final hero kill score a whopping 57 to 30 in favour of the Koreans. The Koreans were at an advantage for most of the game until Etny.XTC managed to farm up their items, finally backdooring to destroy the Korean’s barracks to force mega creeps. Etny.XTC won shortly after, with the match ending near the 77 minute mark.

“We were a bit disappointed at not being able to advance to the finals but we are still quite satisfied with our result getting third,” said Etny.XTC team leader Don “gGg-” Soh. “We haven’t been formed really long and to get past strong opponents was a tough fight.”

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