WCG SG ’09: gameSENSE crowned CS1.6 champions

gameSENSE ended RageFaction’s fairytale run at the WCG Singapore National Finals to be crowned Singapore’s new Counter-Strike 1.6 champions.

The first half on de_inferno that ended 8-7 in favour of gameSENSE was a tense affair, with neither team gaining a clear advantage. However, gameSENSE was able to read RageFaction’s tactics in the second half and pulled ahead 8-2 to take the match and the tournament 16-9.

“It was close in the beginning, but as we managed to increase the score margin it became slightly more relaxed” said gameSENSE team leader Daryl “Ins” Chua. “I feel very happy because we have all never won WCG before.”

Many had not expected either team to go far in this year’s WCG.

gameSENSE was a relatively unknown team who had previously lost to XTC.SS at the SAFRA Champions League qualifier. Everyone was surprised when they managed to upset TitaNs eSports in the semi-finals.

RageFaction had been inactive for years and did not even train for WCG, apparently entering for fun’s sake. Reportedly, the RageFaction players had not even brought their personal equipment for their matches yesterday.

First half Total
gameSENSE (T) 1 1 1       1   1   1 1     1 8
RageFaction (CT)       1 1 1   1   1     1 1   7


Second half                     Total
gameSENSE (CT) 1 1   1 1 1 1   1 1 8
RageFaction (T)     1         1     2

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