WCG SG ’09: Wallhackers are Left 4 Dead champions

Wallhackers (wH) avenged their Cyber Games Festival loss to team MolotoX (mTx) by defeating them in the finals of the WCG Singapore Open Category to be crowned Singapore’s Left 4 Dead champions.

It was a comprehensive victory for Wallhackers as they took the final game 5353 (wH) to 2968 (mTx).

Team Vertex finished third-place by defeating Avant Garde (AG) in the third-place playoff match, winning with a huge margin of 7857 (Vertex) to 3573 (AG)

Both the finals and the third-place playoffs were played on the Blood Harvest campaign.

Avant Garde were the surprise dark horse of the tournament, knocking out Pandemonium (PdM) in the first round and All 4 Dead (A4D) in the second round.

For their semi-final match with Wallhackers (played on the Death Toll campaign), Avant Garde managed to push Wallhackers all the way, and at one point looked as if they were going to pull off a massive upset. However, wH’s experience and mettle prevailed in the end and they won their semi-final match by the slightest of margins: 3272 (wH) to 3231 (AG).

GameSync will be posting a more in-depth match report of the finals between wH and mTx in the coming days, as well as interviews with the participating teams. Stay tuned!

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