WCG SG ’09: XTC are Singapore overall champions

Xtreme Chaotix (XTC) are the biggest winners this year at the WCG Singapore National Finals, netting a haul of two golds and one silver in the biggest esports event of the Singapore calendar.

XTC scored gold medals when Eternity.XTC and Marcus “Revenant.XTC” Tan came out top in DotA Allstars and WarCraft III respectively. XTC‘s Blackshot team, aR.XTC netted the esports organization a silver medal.

The next nearest esports organization was newcomer Axis eSports, with one silver and one bronze medal. Their DotA team, Axis, placed second while their Left 4 Dead team, Vertex, placed placed third.

TitaNs eSports placed third with a single bronze medal. The TitaNs Counter-Strike 1.6 team was upset by gameSENSE in the semi-finals and only managed to accomplish a third-placed podium finish for CS1.6.

TitaNs would have pulled ahead of Axis eSports if they had retained Wilson “Tetra” Chia on their roster. Tetra scored a gold in Virtua Fighter 5.

Interestingly, the brother-and-sister duo of William “Ayane06” Ten Kelvin and Katherine “Shana” Ten Wendy gathered one gold, one silver and one bronze medal between themselves. If they were to count as a team, they would place second overall, higher than most esports organizations. Ayane06 won a gold for WiseStar and a bronze for Asphalt 4, while his sister Katherine won a silver medal for WiseStar. Ayane06 is also the biggest individual winner for this year’s WCG.

Medal standings for all WCG Singapore games

# Team G S B
1 Xtreme Chaotix 2 1 0
2 Ayane06’s family 1 1 1
3 Axis eSports 0 1 1
4 TitaNs eSports 0 0 1

Note: Both National and Open Category games are included in the table. All sponsored teams are included. Amateur teams which won more than one medal are also included in the table.

Asphalt 4 (National)

  • 1st: Jared Beins
  • 2nd: Moses Tng
  • 3rd: William “Ayane06” Ten Kelvin (Ayane06’s family)

Blackshot (Open)

  • 1st: R.Protagonist
  • 2nd: aR.XTC (Xtreme Chaotix)
  • 3rd: e.DX

Counter-Strike 1.6 (National)

  • 1st: gameSENSE
  • 2nd: RageFaction
  • 3rd: TitaNs eSports

DotA Allstars (National)

  • 1st:  Eternity.XTC (Xtreme Chaotix)
  • 2nd: Axis (Axis eSports)
  • 3rd: Team Little

FIFA 09 (National)

  • 1st: Lincoln “liNc” Heng
  • 2nd: Chiang Wen Jun
  • 3rd: Marcus Choy

Guitar Hero World Tour (National)

  • 1st: Joel Teo
  • 2nd: ???
  • 3rd: ???

Left 4 Dead (Open)

  • 1st: Wallhackers
  • 2nd: MolotoX
  • 3rd: Vertex (Axis eSports)

StarCraft Brood Wars (National)

  • 1st: Junior
  • 2nd: aLt)PoNy
  • 3rd: Nirvana

Team Fortress 2 (Open)

  • 1st: VCO
  • 2nd: anomaly
  • 3rd: H2H

Virtua Fighter 5 (National)

  • 1st: Wilson “Tetra” Chia
  • 2nd: Danny “Danny13” Koo
  • 3rd: ???

WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne (National)

  • 1st: Revenant.XTC (Xtreme Chaotix)
  • 2nd: SiN[No-Corpse]
  • 3rd: Girlyluck

Wise Star 2 (National)

  • 1st: William “Ayane06” Ten Kelvin (Ayane06’s family)
  • 2nd: Katherine “Shana” Ten Wendy (Ayane06’s family)
  • 3rd: Jackson Tham

We previously reported that Kingsurf was joint-third with TitaNs eSports on the medal count. This was inaccurate, as the DotA Allstars team that placed third was Team Little, not Kingsurf.sg. We took this information from the official WCG Singapore website which was the source of the error.

We also previously reported that Wilson “Tetra” Chia was defeated in VF5 last year by Danny “Danny13” Koo. This was inaccurate, Tetra won last year and defeated Danny in the finals.

GameSync apologizes for the mistakes in our report.

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