Souhaku and RuckyZOMG win BlazBlue Iluma competition

The 18 July BlazBlue competition at Iluma had an overwhelming number of participants, with more than 40 contestants taking part. Due to time constraints, the previous double elimination format had to be changed in favour of a 2vs2, single elimination format.

Team partners were chosen at random. Each battle was a 3-point match (best of 5 rounds). The first team to win 2 matches over their opponents would progress to the next round.

In the event that both teams were tied with 1 match apiece, the tiebreaker match would be played between the team members who won their respective matches.

This interesting 2vs2 format gave the weaker players a chance to progress in the tournament if they happened to be paired up with a strong player on their team.

After over 2 hours of play, the final championship match was played between the team of Souhaku (Nu-13) and RuckyZOMG (Litchi), versus the team of Vx (Ragna) and Zerokage (Haku-men).

Championship Match Scores:

Match 1  Zerokage (Haku-men) 3-1  RuckyZOMG (Litchi)
Match 2  Vx (Ragna) 1-3  Souhaku (Nu-13)
Match 3  Zerokage (Haku-men) 0-3  Souhaku (Nu-13)

Zerokage’s Haku-men was the only Haku-men in the entire tournament, and he managed to dispatch RuckyZOMG’s Litchi easily. Souhaku forced a tiebreaker match for his team by defeating Vx’s Ragna, but not before losing one game to Vx, which resulted in a round of applause from the audience (Nu-13 is widely acknowledged in the BlazBlue community to be one of the more overpowered characters in the game).

Unfortunately, Zerokage was unable to cause an upset and lost the tiebreaker match 0-3 to Souhaku.

Here is a rough numerical breakdown for each of the characters used by the participants in the BlazBlue competition:

No. of players Character Name
8-10 Ragna
8-10 Jin
4-5 Rachel
4-5 Litchi
4-5 Noel
4 Nu-13
2 Tager
2 Arakune
1 Taokaka
1 Haku-men
0 Bang
0 Carl

As expected, Jin and Ragna were the most frequent characters used, while Rachel and Litchi are slowly increasing in popularity. There were no Bang users in the competition, which was a surprise as he is considered middle-top tier in the game. Carl remains the least popular character, possibly because of his steep learning curve and low HP.

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  • LiquidfusioNz

    It was a great tournament.
    Good job especially to the Hakumen.

    lol @ V-13 :)

  • Glimmerous.Fop

    Quite a bit of luck involved 😉

    The sole Taokaka was really unlucky when she missed her Distortion grapple versus Ragna. Everyone was expecting it to land but her pounce stopped agonizingly right in front of Ragna. This cost her the first game and she went out of the tournament early.

    The green Noel also had some bad luck. The crossbow follow-up for her Distortion Fenrir failed to materialize several times.. would have finished off her opponent and possibly changed the outcome of her match with Nu-13.